Anne Freeman


On the wall next to Anne’s bed, there is a drawing of a house that she sketched this past summer while she was interning at an architecture firm in DC. It is a house in Australia designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects. The terraces are unique because they are made out of concrete, a rigid and hard material that in this house has been rounded into a fluid and curved shape.


Much like the architects who took a basic material and put their own spin on it, Anne draws inspiration from what is around her and finds a way to make it her own. By looking around Anne’s room we can see that she has a strong sense of personality and beauty. As we talked with Anne we discovered the ways in which she interacts with the things around her and what she gives to them and what she gets from them.

How Anne Uses Space

Last year I had the furniture in my room arranged very differently from what it is now. I think the way it used to be worked but when I came back at the beginning of this school year, at the end of summer break, I felt the need to change everything. It started by moving the desk. I wanted the desk to be by the window and then everything else found its own place after that. And it’s important to me to have this open space in the center for my yoga mat, and to just move around.

There is a reason why the bed is touching only one wall and kind of comes out like this: It’s easier to put the sheets on in this way. I guess I use the space under the bed for storage like this because I love IKEA–I am a huge IKEA fan– and what I’ve learned from them is how to maximize limited space and also kind of hide things that aren’t so good-looking.

Personal Touches

One of these tables was downstairs at first and I only had one as my nightstand, but then we changed the furniture and we didn’t need the side table downstairs anymore. I thought it would be good to stack them here because just one table is too low for me, and also you know I love IKEA and I’ve seen them stack the tables like this in their stores.

Drawing is something that I want to get better at. I took a drawing class at school last year and these are my works. I don’t think they are that good, but I have them on my wall so that they remind me to try new things and challenge myself, even when I don’t think I will be good at something. Maybe (hopefully) when I am a better drawer in few years, I can look back on these fondly.

Anne often expresses herself with writing. In her room she has five notebooks, each with a different purpose.


Q: What object in this room tells us the most about yourself?

A: Probably my white linen bed sheets. I am obsessed with linen and I think the sheets are pretty characteristic of my style. I usually wear monochrome and I care about fabric and the way things feel. For some reason I really identify with this white linen!

Q: What is the meaning of “home” for you?

A: I think it has changed for me throughout my life. When I was younger, I had many opportunities to travel and I started to feel like home is wherever I am, like I could go anywhere and feel at home. But since coming to St. John’s and really rooting down in Annapolis, I feel very attached to this place. So for me, home is more physical than it used to be. And I think also having a home here that’s separate from where I grew up in North Carolina has added nuance to my understanding of home. When I go to North Carolina, I try not to think of it as home so much. I don’t feel as attached to that place any more.

Q: Does this place feel like “home” to you?

A: Very much so. I always love the moment when I come back from breaks and I walk through the door. I look forward to the smell of this house, which is hard to describe but it’s very cozy and warm. Before we started renting, when we visited this place for the first time, I said to the people who lived here, “I love the smell of the house. What candle are you using?” and they said that the house just smells like this.

It really feels like my life is here. I spend a lot of my everyday life–cooking, eating, doing laundry–in this place. My housemate Unice is also a big part of making this place feel like home to me. It wouldn’t be the same without her.

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  1. This is an inspiring home. Its fullness and its beauty shine in such a small place. I am surprised that how much “space” a person with rich soul can create in a limited space. I wish to see the room myself one day.


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